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Join us on our path. We're enabling promoters to offer more personalised and tailored experiences and want to free them from the burden of tedious manual processes. We believe in the power of automating recurring things. We're always looking for better and more efficient ways to do our work. We believe in the power of a fact based and data-driven open company culture.

With a dynamic environment and new challenges, flexibility is paramount. At future demand, I learn something new every day.

Data Scientist

Working with our clients and finding the best solution is what motivates me, especially the daily exchanges, mutual trust and direct feedback.

Product Owner

I appreciate working with an international team and enjoy watching us grow as a team and company.

Team Assistent

A Tech-StartUp equipped with groundbreaking technology? Offering a premium SaaS exclusively for premium customers? Making Live-Events unforgettable? future demand, I´m in!

Customer Success Agent

I've always wanted to be in an entrepreneurial space where you are free to explore, learn and develop. Here I have direct impact on the product.


Students are looking for a place to learn and develop professionally and apply academic knowledge. future demand offers an opportunity for both.

Working Student

Data Science & Engineering

We love Data, Insights and Automation

We match the best engineers and data scientists to create an environment where you can develop data engineering and machine learning algorithms at scale.

We value Agile Principles and
Coding Craftsmanship

We automate to keep things simple and encourage learning and mastery all across the stack. We code in Python and Clojure and like to work with Docker containers. Our infrastructure is provisioned in code via Terraform and runs as containers on Amazon ECS. We value agile principles and coding craftsmanship and organise ourselves in small autonomous teams.

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Sales & Customer Success

We build Relationships

Together we build long-term client relationships based on partnership. In doing so, you also expand your own network. Through close client support and the resulting feedback, the fruits of your work will be immediately visible.

We create Value for Customers

Due to the close connection with development and the joint work in our open-plan office, you will be closely involved in the development of our future demand platform. One of your core tasks is to pass on feedback from clients within the company.

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What to Expect

Individual Working Hours

Self-determination is a high priority for us. We offer the possibility to work from home and in flexitime. Nevertheless, we appreciate to work physically together and to communicate face to face.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Your work should be fairly rewarded, therefore we established a transparent salary system. We are interested in long-term employment relationships to offer development opportunities. No matter if intern or manager - everyone receives the same benefits.

Comfortable & Healthy

We offer you state-of-the-art work equipment, large monitors, height-adjustable desks, cosy retreats and fresh fruit and drinks in our office.

Great Surroundings & Central Office

Easy reachable office at Hermannplatz, the cultural melting pot of Berlin with a wide range of reasonably priced lunch options nearby.

Top-Notch Equipment

We provide everything you need – laptop, monitors, keyboard, mouse… Everything that is needed for the best performance.

Development and Learning

As we operate in a flat structure, you can get insights into other departments. There are always development opportunities. Moreover we offer a training budget to support your desire to learn something new.