Make every customer interaction personal

Four next-generation applications power every interaction with your customers. Leverage data-driven insights and marketing in a easy to use software suite.
A live-entertainment concert viewed from the audience
Demand prediction for the example concert of Kent Nagano to demonstrate the software


Make planning decisions with certainty

Which cities, which venues, which dates, which support act? The optimal tour depends on an almost unmanageable number of variables.

Lookout automatically forecasts the capacity utilisation of all conceivable combinations up to two years in advance and with 90% accuracy - and enables you to choose the perfect tour planning from countless options.

Is putting on events ever without risk? Of course not. But the risk should be measurable, and based on facts and figures, not on hopes or habits.


Sell out shows with low demand

Wave develops highly efficient, fully automated marketing campaigns. It identifies and targets interested audiences with the appropriate message, enabling highly targeted utilisation increases of 20% or more.

Wave recommends the budget, time period, duration and channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify) and provides the relevant topics for your message. Launch a campaign in under 15 minutes and let Future Demand take care of the setup, optimisation and monitoring of ongoing campaigns.

Campaign set up for the example concert of Aerosmith to demonstrate the software
Example mailing for the concerts of John Legend and Jorja Smith to demonstrate the software


Foster loyalty with efficient email campaigns

Backhaul is the easy and efficient way to run email marketing campaigns. Send customised messages, foster a persisting bond to customers and win back your audience repeatedly through continuous engagement.


Offer personalised experiences to your customers

Offer your customers personalised event recommendations and content on your website, in your newsletters and mailings. This ensures that your messages resonate with your audience and your customers.

Lighthouse tailors digital experiences to your users' behaviours and interests by providing individual event recommendations or streaming content within your app or website. With personalised content, you increase customer engagement and activate upsell potential.

Content recommendations for different example events to demonstrate the software

Packages that align with your goals

The pricing model takes into account ticket volume and usage intensity. The license is set depending on the number of tickets available for sale each year. Usage fees are based on ad spend or additional revenue.

FD Starter

Small regional promoters
  • For promoters selling up to 50.000 tickets p.a.
  • Support via email
  • 1 user included
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FD Premium

Local promoters and clubs
  • For promoters selling up to 200.000 tickets p.a.
  • Rights management (optional)
  • Support via email and phone
  • 2 users included
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FD Business

National promoters and clubs
  • For promoters selling up to 500.000 tickets p.a.
  • Rights management (optional)
  • Custom Taste Clusters
  • Support via email and phone
  • On-site onboarding
  • On-site user training
  • 5 users included
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FD Enterprise

Global promoters and clubs
  • For promoters selling more than 500.000 tickets p.a.
  • Rights management
  • Custom Taste Cluster
  • Dedicated support agent
  • Support via email and phone
  • On-site onboarding
  • Yearly on-site user training
  • Custom SLAs
  • 10 users included
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A sports arena from the bird perspective

Sponsorship Activation

Inspire sponsors with digital activation campaigns

Grant your partners access to the unique benefits of the future demand platform. Attract and retain sponsors by offering digital activation campaigns based on your Taste Clusters.

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