Gaining viewership on concert livestreams

People reached
>1 Mio.
Views on free livestreams
Livestream ticket sales

Successfully going digital with Future Demand

One of Germany's most beautiful concert halls and home of a renowned symphony orchestra encountered the huge challenges of having cancelled all live events during the crisis and relocating the program into the digital space. However like many other organizations, this transition proved difficult in generating enough viewership of their livestreams.

Together with Future Demand, the concert hall wanted to create more awareness for their digital formats. As such they decided to advertise all their 13 live-streamed concerts on Google and social media platforms over a time period of approximately six months. To guarantee successful targeting, the identification of Taste Clusters was based mainly on the data about previous offline events.

With the support of Future Demand, their campaigns reached over 1 M people. Views of free livestreams increased by an average of approximately 450%. Moreover, sales of livestream tickets increased by 60%. These astonishing results were only possible because the livestreams were displayed as relevant content to specific target groups on YouTube, included in the autoplay function or displayed directly on the user's homepage. Another pleasant effect was the success over all age groups and the high viewership numbers from their regional core audience.

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