Young knight(s) at Theatre Bonn

Increase attandance

With Iwein Löwenritter, a family opera in two acts, Theater Bonn embarks on an adventure far from traditional paths. The opera by Moritz Eggert is based on a knightly epic from the 12th century, which was retold by Felicitas Hoppe in a book for young people. Iwein is a young and strong knight who is terribly bored at court and therefore goes off in search of adventure. In the process he finds his great love Laudine and loses her by a hair, meets a very special friend and fights dragons - always between the great themes of honor and friendship and the struggle for good and evil.

Theater Bonn promoted 2 of the 8 performances from spring 2022 via the Future Demand platform. Both events took place in the Great Hall of the Opera House, which has a capacity of just over 1000 seats.

The interest-based approach of Future Demand was great for reaching audiences who may be less familiar with classical opera and not regulars at the theatre. The campaigns run via facebook resulted in a total of 375 additional tickets sold, accounting for about a third of the total audience for the two events. The efficiency was also convincing: a ROAS of almost 9:1 with an additional turnover of more than €6,000 was recorded in the end.

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